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Volunteers, co-stars of summer stays

The summer stays are one of the historical activities of the Association: started by the founder Sabina Santilli in the summer of 1964 have been over the years – and continue to be – for deaf people a privileged occasion of encounter, socialization and knowledge .

Each year, in the summer, the Association organizes these deaf people for deaf people, an experience that is an important opportunity to encourage socialization, to spend pleasant moments, to enjoy recreational activities and to give families relief.

Summer stays are aimed at deaf people from different regions of Italy and aim to make a group experience together with volunteers for at least a week staying at hotels in various Italian tourist destinations ; In addition, cultural and naturalistic outings are organized, and precisely because the purpose of summer stays is to encourage socialization, and above all, volunteers are a part of this , an inalienable resource for this important activity.

This year around 100 deaf users and 115 volunteers are involved , as well as specialized operators and LIS interpreters.

Each volunteer, during his stay, accompanies a deaf person in daily shifts favoring the integration of all participants.

Find out more about this beautiful experience by listening to the words of our volunteers. Watch the video!