The Golden Wire League at Summer Jamboree

“Our Rock & Roll” to hear the power of music with your hands

The XVIII edition of Summer Jamboree – Senigallia was completed from July 26 to August 6, 2017 – of which for the sixth year the Golden Lion League was an ethical partner.

The Our Rock & Roll was the initiative designed to engage the public in the Summer, the music and culture of America Festival ’40s and’ 50s, in a sensory journey to discover what it means to communicate and feel for a deafblind person.

The music , the feel , the communication : these are the themes including the was articulated sensory journey. Everyone was able to test, thanks to the support of the Association’s volunteers, to experience the condition of those who do not see and feel and their way of communicating with the world.

In the first corner dedicated to music, it was possible to learn to listen to how deaf people do, capturing new sensations through the embrace of a musical instrument and the vibrations it emits when it sounds.

In the corner of the touch , children and adults are “in the game”. In the dark and in the silence they tried to play with a special domino, where the tiles did not have the numbers but different tactile sensations, or they tried to recognize the instruments by squeezing their hand into the “mysterious box.”

Finally, it was possible to know and experiment in a ludic way the different methods of communication used by deaf people; A tablet-like game , specially developed for the event, guided visitors among the different communication systems: Braille, LIS, Malossi Alphabet … Everyone has tried to communicate as if he does not see or hear.

Thanks again to all those who participated!

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