Ann Pollak

Rekha's mom

As an American adopting a 7-year-old special-needs child that would live with me in Italy, I came to the Lega del Filo d’Oro through recommendations from several leading deafblind organizations in the U.S. and the UK.   LFO has been an indispensable partner in raising my daughter, Rekha.  We started with  a visit to the Diagnostic Center, which was followed in later years by a series of other treatments.  At age 15, my daughter began to speak; the LFO methods and intervention directly contributed to this statistically improbable accomplishment. Today, Rekha, at age 25, is a resident at the LFO center in Modena, where she can bathe herself and get dressed with assistance, eat on her own, and continue to learn. Anyone who gives to LFO – whether it be a donor, employee, government institution, or volunteer – is making a vital contribution to developing the life skills of my daughter and the many other individuals who critically need LFO services.