Agostino’s Mom

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Agostino spent his first eight months of life in the hospital because he had serious health problems. He was diagnosed at birth with CHARGE syndrome, a severe genetic disease involving multisensory disabilities, developmental delay and trouble breathing. When he came home it was a nightmare for me and his father to raise a child so...

Matilde Lauria

Paralympian’s only deafblind

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Matilde, a deafblind judo teacher and mother of three, faced progressive loss of vision and hearing. Despite this, she showed incredible strength in raising her youngest, Gabriele, tackling challenges with love and dedication. Turning to the Lega del Filo d’Oro, she found support and a new family. This organization not only aids children but also...

Francesco Mercurio

Deafblind lawyer

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Happiness? Happiness is not the finish line, but the combination of many small moments that can be complicated, but also fantastic. I can enjoy a nice dinner with friends, I can chat with someone new, and I solve difficult problems. It’s not that I’m extremely intelligent, it’s that I’ve learned so much since I came...

Ann Pollak

Rekha's mom

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As an American adopting a 7-year-old special-needs child that would live with me in Italy, I came to the Lega del Filo d’Oro through recommendations from several leading deafblind organizations in the U.S. and the UK.   LFO has been an indispensable partner in raising my daughter, Rekha.  We started with  a visit to the Diagnostic...