Agostino’s Mom

Agostino spent his first eight months of life in the hospital because he had serious health problems. He was diagnosed at birth with CHARGE syndrome, a severe genetic disease involving multisensory disabilities, developmental delay and trouble breathing. When he came home it was a nightmare for me and his father to raise a child so delicate without the right tools. But then, when we met Lega del Filo d’Oro, things changed. Here not only did I find support, I learned how to communicate with my son and I saw him making significant progress every day. It’s a huge job, for me and for him, yet every day is a good day. We made some important achievements thanks to a team of highly qualified specialists that immediately focused on the assessment of his potential. At first, he didn’t want any type of physical contact, but now he has learned how to express his needs, how to hug, how to be affectionate. It seems simple, but for us it is a new thing. What a relief to see him open up and grow up more peaceful!