Matilde Lauria

Paralympian’s only deafblind

Matilde, a deafblind judo teacher and mother of three, faced progressive loss of vision and hearing. Despite this, she showed incredible strength in raising her youngest, Gabriele, tackling challenges with love and dedication. Turning to the Lega del Filo d’Oro, she found support and a new family. This organization not only aids children but also adults affected by degenerative diseases. Matilde, an Italian judo champion, learned tactile Italian Sign Language (LIS) and other methods to communicate, becoming an example of strength, social inclusion, and self-determination. The “Lega” not only provides tools for expression but also teaches confidence and awareness to deaf-blind individuals. Matilde’s name, meaning “She who fights with courage and strength,” reflects her fighting spirit, and ongoing support will make a difference in her life