“The added value of solidarity”: published the 2016 Social Wave Report of the Golden Wire League

The Gold Wire League has been dedicated for over 50 years with constant dedication to the rehabilitation of those who do not see and feel .

844 deaf people in one year, 590 employees and 611 volunteers are just some of the numbers contained in the Social Report , which wants to tell everyone, with a commitment to transparency and reporting of their work and future goals, the sense of a path to the side Of so many families.

For this reason, the Association annually publishes its social book publishing an extract from the “Trilli in the Arizona” newsletter, sent to all the Association’s supporters and the full version on the Wire Branch Institutional site.

By clicking here , you can browse the full version of the Social Report and find out how much we achieved in 2016.

We rebuild our most grateful thanks to those who have been close to us, making day after day offering a specialized service that will allow our guests and their families to live a life as dignified as possible.

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