Education, Rehabilitation and Health Services

The heart of our center is the main area where we engage people of all ages who are deafblind or have multisensory disabilities in educational, rehabilitative, and health activities.

  • Healthcare Area: We assess patients and create rehabilitation programs. There are 10 outpatient clinics, most available for visual testing and audiometric tests.
  • Education – Rehabilitation Area: We group patients by age, needs, and progress, and create a personalized treatment program that makes it possible for them to communicate, to acquire skills, and to become more independent.
  • Research Area: Our specialized team works to develop methodologies and support tools based on individual needs, to allow patients to interact with the environment and gain autonomy.
  • Multipurpose Room: We hold conventions, seminars, theatrical events, meetings with patients, family members, and volunteers.

The first floor – which includes a dining room, classrooms, recreational space, and occupational therapy space – is also where outpatients participate in rehabilitation activities.

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