RESIDENCES FOR LONG-TERM USERS & Guesthouse for families

The building dedicated to the accomodation and daily life of users and their families. It will hosts: 

  • 6 apartments: containing 24 beds.
  • Classrooms, laboratories and offices: We group patients by age, needs, and progress, and create a personalized treatment program that makes it possible for them to communicate, to acquire skills, and to become more independent.
  • Guesthouse: containing 23 beds designated for families, with 18 beds on the ground floor (9 double rooms with private bathrooms and 2 common living rooms), and 5 on the first floor.

Apartments are 180 sq. meters (approximately 2000 square feet) and consist of a living area spanning 45 square meters (over 450 square feet) and 4 bedrooms with bathrooms, one furnished specifically for motor disability needs.

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